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Currently we deliver our products to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.
Do you live somewhere else? Send us a message at office@wooftiger.com and we'll try to make it possible!

If we deliver your products to an address outside of Switzerland there might be costs involving duties and taxes which you will have to pay.

We are doing our best to make sure your order arrives as soon as possible.

  • For Switzerland and Liechtenstein expect 7 to 10 days
  • Within the EU expect 10 to 20 days

Our products are designed in Switzerland and produced by carefully chosen partners within the EU and Switzerland.

Is something wrong with your order? If so, leave us a message at office@wooftiger.com, so that we can look into it.

However, currently, we exclude any warranty. In particular, rescission, reduction and substitute performance are excluded.

Currently, we do not offer exchanges or returns.