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Your donation to MAP


Add 1 to your total to support MAP, a nonprofit organization, founded in 2013. MAP helps Romanian dogs living on the streets.

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Function 1
The Quick-Tie-Leash
You've got the “stay” command going - still, you want to make sure your dog stays where you want? Or you're at a restaurant and don't want your pup to roam around? No problem! The snap hooks on both ends of the leash allow you to secure the leash within seconds.
Die Quick-Tie-Leine aus recycelten PET Flaschen von wooftiger
Die On-the-Go-Leine von wooftiger mit Schnauzer
Function 2
The Shoulder-Leash

Similarly to the belt-leash, the shoulder leash lets your hands roam free. However, your dog gets to enjoy more freedom in his movement when you choose to wear the leash around your upper body. We choose this version when meeting up with friends for a coffee on-the-go.

Function 3
The Belt-Leash

The wooftiger leash can be worn like a belt above the hips. This allows your hands to remain free for whatever tasks lay ahead of you. We choose this version for our morning jogs.

Die Gürtel-Leine von wooftiger aus recycelten PET Flaschen beim Sport machen mit Dalmatiner
Die Trainings-Leine von wooftiger in der Hundeschule
Function 4
The Training-Leash

No matter if it's just you and your four-legged friend or if you're visiting your local dog school: The wooftiger leash can be shortened to 95 cm, ideal for any training. We use this short version of the leash for walks along busy streets, too.

Function 5
The Everyday-Leash

The leash can be lengthened to 165 cm. Depending on your and your dog’s size you may choose an entirely different length for your everyday walks in the woods or around the block. There are endless possibilities!

Alltags-Leine von wooftiger aus recyceltem Material mit Dackel
wooftiger Icon mit einer Pflanze als Nachhaltigkeits-Icon
soziales Engagement in Form der Inklusion als wooftiger Icon
Glücklicher wooftiger Hund mit Pfote, der das woof-proofed Icon ist.
Wooftiger Icon Zürich Schweiz