The Dad Cap

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Strikingly classic. The unparalleled fit of our wooftiger dad cap goes back to its production: a small family-run business sews and embroiders each of our caps from sustainable materials.

On your own or with your four-legged friend, bad hair day or not, the wooftiger dad cap is here for you.  By the way: Not only suits dog owners.

One size fits all

Dirty white: GOTS organic cotton
Beige: Oeko-Tex cotton

- No mass production

- Careful use of resources

- High quality and longevity

- Swiss design, EU production

Hand wash me with a mild soap and then leave me out to dry.

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No mass production

In the era of mass produced goods wooftiger cares for sustainability and high quality. Often times caps from other sellers are bought from abroad, where working conditions are intransparent. Only the embroidery is actually done locally. This is not the case with our caps.

After searching for the right partner for quite some time, we have finally found a family-run business, that shares the same values and sews and embroiders all our caps on-site. We’re glad we know that the employees sewing the wooftiger dad caps are paid a sustainable wage and provided high working standards.

soziales Engagement in Form der Inklusion als wooftiger Icon
High Quality

Each cap is sewn from scratch. This means, that there is a person behind each cap who cut and manually sew the cap. This careful work shows in the longevity and quality of our caps.

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Light on Resources

The materials used for our caps are only bought when needed. For us, this means that the production time takes longer. But this also means that no material is left unprocessed - and as a consequence, no material is thrown away as fabric waste.